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This space is dedicated to those who wish to go beyond the molecules, chemical reactions and all the exciting innovations here at Draslovka, to learn more about our core values and what makes us tick. 

Just as we place great emphasis on standards of quality, so too we take seriously our social responsibility, the wellbeing of our employees and the ethics of how we do business.

Draslovka is a private company, owned and controlled by four families, and, as a family business, reaching our goals is just as important as how we get there. It is a path paved by trust, reliability, flexibility and openness to new ideas. The family aspect is reflected in everything we do.

Who we are.

What is now Draslovka Holding a.s. was established in 1906, in what was then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is today the Czech Republic. In its early years, the company dealt in the production and processing of potassium hydroxide and related products. The origin of the name “Draslovka” is based on the root of the Czech word for potassium, which is “Draslík”.

Our Story

Since its inception, Draslovka has grown to provide industrial chemicals for the mining industry, organic synthesis and agriculture. In its earliest stages, the company focused on Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and cyanide-based chemicals, which later became the key component of its production portfolio. It was this work that gave birth to many innovations and professional developments, as well as Draslovka being one of the first European companies to adopt the Andrussow process, still the most efficient method of mass producing HCN.

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The story of Draslovka's evolution, from its earliest beginnings to what it has become, today, closely follows the historical and economic events leading up to the establishment of the Czech Republic, in 1993. Following nationalization in the early 1950s and almost 40 years of ensuing state management, the company was privatised in the 1990s. By that time, it was in a desolate condition, technically as well as economically, and in urgent need of sound management to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

This crisis created an investment opportunity, resulting in the acquisition of the company by the Brůžek family, in 1996. The elder Mr. Brůžek, a chemical engineer himself, recognized the potential of the company and, following the acquisition, a complete restructuring process was launched. The values and vision established by Pavel Brůžek senior have remained in place, to this day, and continue to act as a beacon in guiding the company's activities.

A new chapter in the Draslovka story was opened when the Brůžek family joined forces with another, establishing Draslovka Holding a.s.This partnership increased financial stability, promoted a new level of strategic thinking and provided opportunity for future growth in the chemical business.

Due to adherence to certain key principles, by all of its shareholders, Draslovka Holding a.s. enjoys great flexibility in decision making and swift response to customer needs, all without compromise in efficiency or effectiveness. Our top priority remains delivering chemical products, above market standards, whilst allowing the company to seek future growth opportunities, both from within and through acquisitions.


Did you know?

Draslovka is a privately owned company established in 1906. On the verge of becoming a large enterprise, we continue operations nearly without interruption, stopping only two to three times per year for exchanging catalysts and performing scheduled repair & maintenance.

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