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Lučební Závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín is our key business unit, responsible for developing and optimizing production, sales & marketing and research & development. A technology leader in CN-based chemicals, the company is incorporated in the Czech Republic and acts as a production, logistics and technological hub, for the Draslovka group's operations.

If you have any enquiries, regarding products and/or services, please contact Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín directly.

Our team

Pavel Brůžek
Chairman of the Board

Pavel has been involved with Draslovka since high school and he started his career there at an assistant position. Later on he went through production, R&D, sales, investments, strategic development department and then in 2009 he became Technical Director.


Miroslav Tvrzník
Vice-chairman of the Board

Miroslav has background in nuclear science and therefore chemical industry is also his passion. His experience in a wide range of areas– from providing acquisition processes, through the management of existing chemistry assets, to the management of companies producing electricity from renewables...


Pavel Brůžek Sr.
Member of the Board

Pavel Sr. has background in chemical engineering and economics. In addition to this he has more than 45 years of experience in managing engineering and chemical companies. Pavel Sr. started his career in production and then he went through R&D, technical department and executive management.


Radomír Johana
Member of the Board

Radomír has a legal background and in addition to this he has lots of experience from many industries including energy, real estate and chemical. He always considers his work to be a great challenge...


Marek Hasse
Member of the Board

Marek has background especially in economy and in economy of power engineering. He has experience in many areas – from financial analysis, assessment of investment opportunities, acquisition process in many industries, through management of heating plants...


Miloslav Laštovka
Investment Director

Miloslav is with Draslovka since 1996 where he has been part of Draslovka Kolin Supervisory board, including the its chairmanship, until 2012.


Martin Barták

Martin joined Draslovka Kolin in 2004 as Sales Director. In 2005 he took over the responsibilty of managing company’s finances, economics and sales as the Financial Director.  His experience and knowledge of the company’s business led to his appointment as CEO of Draslovka in 2013...


Radim Ščigel
Director of Technical Development

Radim joined the Draslovka team in 2009 as the Head of Department of Technology and he has since developed several new products and implemented many process/product optimizations.


Jiří Roubík

Jiří graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and completed his management studies at the CMC Graduate School of Business Čelákovice (Prague)  He also attended the University of Pittsburg and The George Washington University. He has been active in chemical industry since 1974 and has held various production and management positions. Jiří has been working in Draslovka since 2012 as the Production Director with responsibility for production, maintenance, and work safety.

Ing. Jan Hampl
Commercial Director

Vladimír Březina
Finacial Director

Vladimír joined the Draslovka team in 2004, and in 2013 he was appointed as the Financial Director with responsibility for accounting and taxes, planning and controlling, treasury, and IT. He previously worked in banking and in chemical industry and held various positions in the field of economics. He graduated in thermal and nuclear machinery and equipment.


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30.06.2015 Annual Report 2014
11.07.2016 Annual Report 2015

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