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This space is dedicated to those, who wish to go beyond the molecules, chemical reactions and all the exciting innovation we do at Draslovka. Here, at Draslovka, we dedicate the same emphasis on the standards and quality of our products as we place on our social responsibility, wellbeing of our employees, environment and ethical standards of how we do our business.

Draslovka is a private company that is owned and controlled by four families. Being a family business, for us are reaching our goals is as important as the way we get there. And this way is defined by trust, reliability, flexibility and openness to new ideas . We are proud to say that the family and entrepreneurship is reflected in everything that our company is doing

Who are we

Draslovka has been established in 1906 in what was back then the AustroHungarian Empire and since then has changed the name fewer times than the state establishment of what is now the Czech Republic. In its early years, Draslovka has been focusing on production and processing of potassium hydroxide and related downstream products. The origin of the company name “Draslovka” is based on the core of the Czech word for potassium, which is “Draslík”.

Our story

Draslovka has since its inception grown to provide industrial chemicals for mining industry, organic synthesis, and agriculture. Over the time, the company focused on the Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and cyanide based chemicals, which became the key pillar of the its production portfolio, leading to increased innovation and R&D activities in this field. As a result Draslovka has been one of the first European companies that have adopted Andrussow process, still the most efficient way of mass production of HCN. Ever since, Draslovka has been continually investing into further improving this process.

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The story of Draslovka’s evolution has been closely following the historical and economic events leading to modern Czech Republic. After nationalization in the early 1950s and almost 40 years of state management, the company has been privatized in the 1990s. By then, the company was in a desolate condition technically as economically, in an urgent need of stable, responsible and forward looking management in order to survive in a rapidly changing environment.

This crisis created an investment opportunity resulting into an acquisition of the company by the Brůžek family in 1996. Mr Brůžek senior, a chemical engineer himself, has recognized the potential of the company and following the acquisition of the companya complete restructuring process was launched. The values and vision established by Pavel Brůžek senior have been fully endorsed throughout Draslovka up to the point that in order to execute more ambitious projects, addressing new global challenges with new products, additional partner was needed.

A new episode of the Draslovka story was started when the Brůžek family joined forces with another family business establishing Draslovka Holding BV, the sole shareholder of Draslovka Kolín.The partnership increased financial stability, new level of strategic thinking and opened space for future growth in the chemical business. By sharing the same business principles among its shareholders, Draslovka continuesto be flexible in decision making and reactive to the customer needs while maintaining its efficiency.

Our modus operandi requires Draslovka Holding BV to be in daily touch with the management of its ventures. Our top priority remains delivering customers with above-market standards in chemical products while allowing the company to seek future growth opportunities both organically and through acquisitions.


Did you know?

DPG (diphenylguanidine) is vulcanization agent that Draslovka is producing since 1960's. It is considered to be one of the key vulcanization agents that is being part of high quality rubber and tire products. It causes the raw natural rubber to form cross-links and bridges between individual polymer chains. Vulcanized rubber is less sticky and it has improved mechanical properties, which is for example extremely essential for good tire performance on the road. DPG importace for tire and rubber vulcanization is increasing as the requirements for speed, durability, safety and performance of the tire and rubber products are developing. Draslovka is covering approximately 40% of the EU’s DPG market and it is one of the key players globally.

If you are in Europe there is a 40% chance that you car tires are made using our DPG

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